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Lightweight Fabrics

The fabric is called 'lightweight' which weighs normally less than most other fabrics of the same type. The distinction between lightweight and ultra-lightweight, or medium or heavy is very subjective. That said, each kind of fabric  have its relatively level that categorizes fabrics in different weight classes. There is a general saying about lightweight fabrics that is the fabric weight less than 135g/m2 can be called lightweight fabric. Asia Fit offers a wide range of ultra-lightweight woven fabrics weighing less than 50g/m2. They are suitable for outdoor sportswear as well as sports gears and accessories. There are many fashionable approaches to lightweight, downproof fabrics. Some of them are with particularly special surfaces as crinkle, or metallic optics on the surface and inner sides, or high-gloss surfaces and brilliant prints on fabrics. These materials are extra lightweight, semi transparent, partially made of yarns with only 7 denier filament strength, yet fully functional.