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Stretch Fabrics

Stretch fabric is a cloth with the ability to elongate and to recover quickly. It is made partially of elastic fibers such as lycra, elastane, spandex, OP.  Stretch fabric doesn’t neutralize the advantages of other materials, such as breathability, water-absorbing, etc.  Stretch fabrics are ideal for sportswear, yoga wear, casual wear and sportswear to increase comfort for wearer. There are also knit fabrics which stretch due to its looping structure.

2 Way Stretch Fabrics

Two-way stretch fabrics are stretched in one direction that usually is the width wise from one selvedge to the other (weft direction), or the fabric length wise (warp direction).  Although it is only a single direction of elasticity, the diagonal direction of the cloth is also with a little elasticity too. 

4 Way Stretch Fabrics

4-way stretch fabrics stretch in both directions, width wise and length wise.  4-way stretch fabric fabric is the key material when we are producing activewear. 4-way stretch fabrics ensuring your clothing stays in place while you stretch and sweat.  No matter what direction you move in, the 4-way stretch fabric moves with you. When sportswear be producing using this fabric, it won’t bunch up or twist when wearer are being active.

Mechanical Stretch Fabrics

Mechanical stretcth fabrics are made by the mechanical processing to make the yarn crimp and deform to bring an elastic effect. While the yarn is woven into cloth and naturally shrinks through the dyeing and finishing process to frame the fabric with good elasticity, soft hand feeling and fine texture. Because the yarn is curled, the elasticity of the fabric is enhanced, so the fabric can be extended without using elastic fibers. Moreover, since it does not contain elastic fibers, in addition to its elastic properties, it also has the advantage of good color fastness.