FUNCTION / Wicking
Wicking Fabrics

Moisture wicking is the process of transferring sweat-type moisture from the skin to the surface of the garment  outer fabric and allowing it to evaporate. Therefore, moisture wicking is a key factor in maximizing wearer comfort during athletics. Textiles with moisture wicking properties are usually made of polyester or polyamide fabrics, and their design concept is such that their inner surfaces absorb moisture and their outer surfaces rapidly diffuse for evaporation to keep your skin dry.

Cool Feeling Fabrics

The principle of cool fabric is to use physical or chemical methods to change the characteristics of the fabric so that it will cool the microclimate temperature between the fabric and the skin. Common methods of making cool fabrics, such as adding jade ore powder into man-made fiber, the cool feeling due to the humidity within the fiber itself, known as "Cool Jade fiber". Another is changing the physical structure of the yarn or fabric to improve the moisture absorption and heat release characteristics. Another is shielding the solar radiation heat to reduce the temperature. The other one adds the phase change microcapsule material into the synthetic fiber, to absorb heat or release heat with the change of ambient temperature to maintain the body's constant temperature and comfort.