TRENDS / Key Colors for 2021 S/S
Fiesta Red

Fiesta red is the outward color of the season - a fiery, saturated color that easily triggers a reaction. Based on the commercial success of red and orange, the elements of two colors are combined. Because of  different light or materials, the color can look like "Orange Red" or "Living Coral". Use this color to enliven products and collections.

Katydid Green

The green color pop began to shift to more technologically and lightly natural colder shade. Inspired by the new mint green that was popular in the autumn and winter of 2020/21, the importance of green plants to the earth is definite. The color is when you walk in the woods , as if bathed in the quiet wind, looks like it can calm the emotions and stabilize humans. Green not only has an optimistic, futuristic visual experience, the light green brings confidence to its color theme . The update is popular among consumers, and the color and various shades can be easily matched to bring calm and relaxation.

Goldfinch Yellow

Yellow is a healing color. Many cute toys are usually designed with yellow as the main color. However, yellow is also considered to be an adventurous and staunch color, symbolizing the courage and persistence of moving toward the unknown. This season's yellow adds a softer, faint lemon yellow to make it more calming. It is a yellowish color that represents the sun, and with a humble and steady lemon light yellow color modification to cater a wider range of consumers.

Quarry Grey

A simple return, representing wisdom and a variety of possible grey stone color. Quarry gray is the ideal match color for all colors. When used alone, it is a very minimalism color with favorable impression. Quarry gray is considered to be the balance of the other four trend colors. It reduces the color tone and color saturation of vivid, and becomes a sense of existence without violation. It is a color with medium saturation and shows a hint of blue in cool color. It is both stable and professional.

Capri Blue

Blue is a sleek color of technology and symbolizes the rapid sense of digital age. Imagine that it is used in technology, digital products and fashion goods in the future. It is absolutely very attractive. The blue  is not only a representative color of technology, it can also be active between sports and fashion, because it is not only the vanguard of future technology, but also has the fashion-oriented characteristics.