TRENDS / Sportswear for 2021 S/S
Naturally Supreme

As consumer demand for sustainable solutions grows, innovative designs from nature become more common and increasingly important.  In the spring and summer of 2021, natural look color will be favored in the sports fashion market. At the same time, blending natural fiber fabrics were designed for developing new texture, leading the trend of advocating natural patterns. Adhering to the texture and irregularities of natural materials, and incorporating these unpredictability and uniqueness into the product.

Functional Knit

In the aspect of knitted fabrics, the focus is on the combination of manual texture and professional functions. After entering the spring and summer of 2021, knitted fabrics emphasize elasticity, support and breathability of the body parts, and consider adding more recycled fibers or using Merino wool to enhance the inter-seasonal applicability of the fabric. Recycled fibers can be used to create sustainable personality design. It is also to use the color contrast design to 2 side of the knitted fabric for increasing the layering feeling, and to create the effect of discoloration with the wearer's stretching and movement.

Quick-Drying Jersey

The trend for the new season is that the quick-drying jersey fabric maintains a matte finish, adding a touch of sophistication to the sporty style. Light gray tone colors can further enhance this effect. The dry hand feeling highlights the matte surface of this smooth fabric. Its moisture absorption performance keeps the fabric sweat-free look and smooth for a long time, showing a sense of movement while not losing its exquisite.  Maintain a smooth silhouette, with a choice of monochrome, or add a soft color with bright pieces to create a contemporary youthful style. In the spring and summer of 2021, material density and temperature are the main factors that determine comfort. The special fabric maintains responds according to human activities, adjusts temperature and tightness with walking, posture and speed, or uses biotechnology to innovate fabrics to adapt surroundings.

Textured Softshell

A new generation of textured softshell fabric revives the luxurious sporty style of the 1980s casual sportswear, but it is lighter and exhibits a natural irregular structure, with a light texture and a dry feel that enhances the refinement while still combines the elasticity and breathability of woven to create a single item suited for a hot summer day.