TRENDS / 6 themes of fabrics for 20/21 A/W
Urban Outdoor

Fabrics range from ubiquitous denim to new function, to lighter, more stylish fabrics that meet the needs of the second and outer layers of urban outdoor activities. The trend focuses on elastic, antibacterial, deodorizing, moisture wicking, double-sided fabrics with different structure and  function.  These fabric's functions are designed to meet all urban's lifestyle, no matter on work, sports and leisure activities, that does not need to be changed clothing to meet the their dress code.


A key aspect for extreme sports including road cycling and rock climbing is the endurance these fabrics can withstand, enhancing the performance of the wearer.  These fabrics in improving the wearer’s activity level; enhanced performance like moisture management; water proof properties; light weight; FIR fabrics, etc.


Glossy materials are particularly prone to consumer attention. This highly fascinating look has a subtle temptation. The appeal of "Glimmer" theme is to propose updated gloss, brightness and luxury handfeel. More textured structures, optically printed and embossed fabrics are creating new popularity based on glossy materials.


As an important part of the textile industry, sustainable theme have soared in this special trend, which is huge for us and the core of our market mission. The core concepts of sustainable are recycling, reducing waste, reducing energy use and reducing wastewater manufacturing process.


Moisture management, cool touch, quick drying and comfortable fit have become the goal of finishing technology, thus creating a range of multifunctional fabrics. There are subtle differences in touch and visual, and updates their performance.


The series of fabrics are waterproof, windproof, thermal insulating, breathable or noise-free to stabilize the environment inside the wearer's clothes. No matter how rain, wind and intense cold weather is, they keep wearer dry, warm, and maintain maximum comfort and good experience in wearer's survival activities in wild.