APPLICATION / Fabrics for Hiking Clothes
What Fabrics Are Good for Hiking Clothes?
Do not wear denim jeans or cotton tees for hiking: Cotton holds water on, so it keeps you feeling sweaty in hot days and chills you while the weather turn cold and wet. To wear something that will keep you cool and dry. Any outfit that absorbs and retain moisture, such as cotton is not a good idea. It is best to wear quick dry, moisture-wicking fabrics. Polyester, nylon or synthetics blended with merino wool undies materials move sweat off skin and dry fast, so they’re ideal for next-to-skin layers clothes. To wear comfortable yet sturdy pants for hiking. You need to move freely. Branches and boulders can snag and abrade those thin, stretchy tights or yoga pants off. A warm jacket is necessary.  Softshell works great for this point. Bring with a warm jacket is smart idea if turn to colder conditions on hiking days.  “Waterproof/breathable” is the key phrase, meaning it will block rain and wind, but will also let your sweat emission out, without feeling dank like you’re wearing a plastic bag.