APPLICATION / FIRfit® Fabrics for Camping
for Sun Shelter

When FIRfit® fabric is used for sun block in summer, such as sun shelter, canopy, beach shade etc.  The FIRfit® nano particle absorbs the radiant heat of the sun and blocks the heat to reduce the temperature under the shadows.

for the tents to withstand wind & cold

The FIRfit® fabric also can be used for personal tent to withstand wind & cold on higher mountain.  The windproof treatment control the air convection to let air be great heat insulation in tent, and the FIRfit® particle absorbs the radiant heat from human body, reflects and blocks the heat to penetrate out of tent then help to maintain the warm temperature in tent.

for Sleeping Bag

As the surface fabric or the filler of the sleeping bag, the FIRfit® particles establish a thermal insulation layer, which absorbs the human body heat then re-emission back to human and accelerates the heat balance between the sleeping bag and the human body, avoids the loss of body heat, and makes people feel warm and comfortable.