APPLICATION / Textiles for Military Use
Textiles for Military Use
Military textiles involve a wide range, from aviation aerospace to bulletproofand, flame retardant, parachute, the cover fabric of the missile to the clothing worn by soldiers. Military uniforms must emphasize the combination of comfort and functionality. Looking at the trends in military uniform fabrics, the overall are the optimizations of comfort, aesthetics and high-tech performance.
In the combat and training of soldiers, there are more functional requirements in these uniforms, such as antibacterial, quick-drying, moisture wicking, light weight, anti-abrasion, high-strength and so on.
Antibacterial perhaps one of the most common and typical requirements for military apparel textiles. Because soldiers may be in a damp and sultry state for a long time, and can not change clothing frequently, to avoid the proliferation and growth of bacteria become a special requirement for military textiles.
Quick-drying is also a special requirement for military clothing fabrics. The process of combat and training will inevitably encounter a lot of sweating, raining, swimming crossing the river, etc. The moisture wicking fabric can make the soldier's clothing dry as soon as possible, not only to meet the soldier's comfort, but also to enhance the efficacy of combat action in the war.
Depending on the training and operational environment and purpose, there will be different demands for military apparel fabrics, either with new fiber materials, through new spinning and fabric changes, or through finished fabric finishing to meet these requirements.