APPLICATION / Fabrics for Hunting Clothes
Fabrics for Hunting Clothes

All fabrics in this theme are with water-repellent, waterproof, breathable, antiabrison, durable, lightweight or silent functions. These fabrics for the garments studied for the walked up hunting, were suitable for jackets, vests and pants to provide who wears them with maximum comfort and ensure maximum protection during the hunt and are suitable for long walks in the woods or in the field.
The fabrics and styles you choose for cold-weather hunts will largely depend on the type of hunting you do. Thermal insulation finction becomes less important while you are on an active hunt and covering lots of ground, but breathability finction is key. If you’re sitting for long periods while still-hunting, choose the heavy-duty gear with windproof, waterproof breathable and thermal insulation functions.
Think about the season and area you will go hunting, then chooseing your camo patterns according to the landscape where are.
No matter which fabrics you choose,  do NOT choose cotton. Cotton retains moisture, draws heat away from your body and easily tends to cause chafing when wet. Cotton clothes is not good for anyone in any outdoor  conditions.