FINISHING / Sustainable - Recycled Polyester (PET Bottle)
About Recycled Polyester

There are two main sources of polyester recycling, one is the PET(Polyester) bottle after use, and the other is polyester textile after use and the waste produced in the production of polyester textile, such as waste silk or waste cloth.
The recycled polyester fabric is made from used already PET bottles which can reduce the carbon emission by 54.6% and reduce the energy loss by 40-85% from the PET bottles bale to the recycled polyester spining.  By recycling the PET bottles which be reproducted to recycled PET yarn then made into fabrics, it saves about 80% of the energy consumption of the original virgin polyester and also reduces the carbon dioxide emissions by 75%.
About 78 recycled PET bottles can be used to make a 1 kg blanket (2300 mm long and 1800 mm wide). On average, about 10 PET bottles can be made into a sleeveless T-shirt, 12 PET bottles can be made a short-sleeved polo shirt with collar, and 14 PET bottles can be used to make a long-sleeved shirt.