FINISHING / FIRfit® - Nano Thermal Insulation Technology
FIRfit® fabrics

FIRfit® technology uses special mineral ceramics, which are ground into nanometer powders (≦75nm) and then added to the fibers in the melt spinning process; or they are homogeneous added into the coating layer. Because the cloth contains these functional powder, it can absorb the radiation heat released by the sun and human body, generate heat to increase the temperature of the fiber, and then emission far-infrared rays with a wavelength of 6-14 micrometer. The far-infrared rays in this wave band are easily accepted to human body to generates warming effect, then re-absorbed by the fabric and release far-infrared rays, become a thermal energy cycle between body skin and the garment, and attain an active thermal insulation effect.

FIRfit® Temperature Rising and Thermal Insulation Effect Test

The FIRfit® polyester fiber and general polyester fiber were used to fabricate two fleece fabrics with the same structure, same weight and same color, and test the temperature rising and thermal insulation effect were compared.  Using a 500 watt halogen lamp, the light source distance was 100 cm, and the light receiving fabric surface and the light source direction were seted at a 45° angle. The cloth surface temperature is recorded every minute . Turn on the halogen lamp for 10 minutes then  turn off the lamp for 10 minutes for a total of 20 minutes. The test result found that the fabric surface temperature of the FIRfit® polyester fleece was higher than the gereral polyester fleece during the test. After 10 minutes of lighting, the temperature difference between these two fabeics is above 0.5°C.

FIRfit® Textiles for cooling shadow

The FIRfit® technique uses special mineral ceramics that are ground into nanopowders (≤75 nm) and then added to the fibers during the melt spinning process; or they are evenly added to the coating. Since the fabric contains these functional powders, it absorbs the radiant heat of the sun and blocks the heat to reduce the temperature under the shadows.

In order to showing this feature, there is a ASIA FIT in-house method to test as follow :
The FIRfit nanopowders be put in PU then coated on one side of fabric, resulting as a heat storage and heat insulation layer, between ground and 500W halogen lamp.  After 25 minutes, it shows about 6.4℃ cooling temperature difference under nylon shield compared with without any shield between 500W halogen lamp and thermal couple detector.


FIRfit® Fiber for Filler Use

FIRfit® Thermal-bonded Nonwovens are fabrics produced using heat bondable low melt polyester fiber mixed FIRfit® recycled PET fibers, without the use of any adhesives. Thermal-bond Non-woven FIRfit® used as filler for quilts or sleeping bags, the quilts or sleeping bags can not only keep warm, but also be washed directly in the washing machine. After drying, the filler will maintain its shape and will not agglomerate together.
When product design must be filled with staple fibers, such as simulation down vests, pillows, etc., FIRfit® Recycled PET Staple Fibers can be used to establish a thermal insulation to keep them warm and cushioning.
The raw material of above FIRFIT® series are produced by ISO 14000, Taiwan EPA and GRS certified factory.