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About Solution Dyed (Dope Dyed)

Solution dyed (dope dyed) is a spinning process, mixes the color masterbatch into the raw material melting together to make into the fiber with homogeneous color. It is an environmentally friendly process that eliminates the need for dyeing after weaving, reducing energy use, contaminated wastewater, and carbon dioxide emissions. Since the color masterbatch is added to the raw material for fiber, the whole fiber is fully dyed from the core to the surface, and it is with advantages of better color fastness to sunlight, color fastness to washing, etc.

ASIA FIT launched a plan called 'NOIRfitⓇ Sustainable Sharing Program', which aims to promote the sustainable environmental protection spirit of the textile industry, and combines the power of many international buyers to share the production of one million yards of solution dyed pure black nylon fabric, to protect the planet with practical actions.
According to industry experience, black is an evergreen color that would not be out of fashion. The black textiles usually accounts for about 70% of the sales market. However, the pure black fabric dyeing in traditional method is the most difficult. It often shows color shading and needs to repaired or re-dyed to meet customer needs. Causing a larger amount of wastewater is discharged and the environment is destroyed.
S.C.LIN, the Taiwan Masterbatch Godfather, said in a visit of the Central News Agency that 1 metric ton of fabric dyeing would produce 100 metric tons of wastewater. Using 1 metric ton of masterbatch, 30 metric tons of colored fiber could be produced and then made into cloth, without water dyeing and finishing, which would reduce 3,000 metric tons of wastewater to discharge.
In addition, because the solution dyed filament needs to be mass-produced to reduce the production cost, the market price of small-scale production will be high, it is difficult to obtain the favor of buyers in the mainstream market.
This plan adopts environmentally-friendly method to produces one million yards of solution dyed pure black nylon cloth. It is widely shared with domestic and foreign buyers at a reasonable cost, to protect the earth together.

Blending pigment and polymer to generate color masterbatch chips, this allows the color all the way through the yarn once it is extruded. The release of CO2 and COD is greatly reduced and water and chemicals are also conserved. It is also treated with PFOA & PFOS free branded finishing chemicals.
100% solution-dyed polyester woven is a perfect choice for a variety of outdoor application. PET is known for outstanding durability and ultraviolet blocking agent is added to protect the fabrics from fast aging and color fading caused by the effect of continuous UV radiation. Solution-dyed polyester is well recognized to last long under various weather conditions outdoors.


Blending pigment additives and polypropylene chips before yarn extrusion allows the colors all the way through the fiber. The spinning temperature of Olefin yarn is low thus consumes the least energy. Tthe release of CO2 and COD is greatly reduced and water and chemicals are also conserved. Olefin can be recycled for industrial usage and doesn't generate any toxic gas and harmful substance after eventual disposal.
The PFOA & PFOS free Scotchgard™ is built inside of our Olefin yarns. This revolutionary build-in technology can effectively enhance the longevity of the repellency and reduce nearly 50% of water and 70% of fuel compared to traditional post finishing way.